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Re: lilypond -> midi -> ogg vorbis

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: lilypond -> midi -> ogg vorbis
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 14:57:41 +0200
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As far as I know, the ambition of the LilyPond MIDI output has never
been to produce an output of high listening quality, rather it's
mainly intended to help proofreading a score. Then, I don't really see
the point of including this conversion into LilyPond. If you want to
use LilyPond as a sequencer, it feels much more relevant to start by
improving the MIDI generation.


address@hidden wrote:
Hi all,

The last few months saw the creation of the freepats sound patterns package and updates to timidity. Creating an Ogg vorbis file from midi is now as simple as:

$ timidity -Ov lilypondgenerated.midi

It would be trivial to add Ogg vorbis output to lilypond and/or lilypond-book.

Does that fit into the Lilypond philosophy? I don't know, but I see a few
advantages of integrating Ogg vorbis output support, especially with

* eliminates a conversion step for Lilypond users
* easier to burn to CD, use on portable player (this would help me as a music
* helps spread the free Ogg vorbis audio compression format
* ...

This would of course add timidity and/or freepats dependencies...

Any thoughts?


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