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Converting MIDI files

From: Brian Ames
Subject: Converting MIDI files
Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2005 23:48:39 -0500
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The current contains the follwing todo items which are of interest to me: 1 test on weird and unquantised midi input (lily-devel) -- is there a file or files that can be used?
  2 do not ever quant skips -- don't understand what is meant
  3 drop c++ midi2ly -- replace with Python code?
4 [see if it is feasible to] move ly-classes to library for use in other converters, while leaving midi specific stuff here -- definitely feasible

In my efforts to create an improved conversion program, I have reached the point where it seems best to deal with quantization before proceeding farther. If I can get a "weird and unquantised midi input" file or files, I will work on methods to quantize them. That would accomplish 1 and 2.

If the answer to 3 is yes, I will do that.

My conversion process first produces objects of classes based on the MMA's MIDIEvents10.dtd and Recordare's midixml.dtd. These can be easily moved to a separate library to accomplish #4.

I have created a page at where I have posted my latest results. I have added a Python module for musicxml and the ability to produce either Lilyponf, midixml, or musicxml output.

Brian M. Ames
The Ames Hymn Collection

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