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Re: Using \partcombine and \lyricsto

From: Bret Whissel
Subject: Re: Using \partcombine and \lyricsto
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 10:39:58 -0500

I wrote:

> (For hymn-writing purposes, I've also had to tweak some
> other aspects of \partcombine, for example, unisons should have two
> stems while unison rests should usually be merged, and the chord
> interval was expanded to a twelfth rather than just an octave.)

and Han-Wen replied:

> The music functions (ly/ get the parser as an
> argument, which should be used to extract variables for tuning the
> behavior of the part-combiner. Those can be used for merging 

*sigh*  I wish I completely understood how all these pieces fit
together, but I'm too new at Scheme (and C++, for that matter) to figure
out how I might extract variables or tune behavior using the
declarations present in this file.  The unison stemming operation should
get tweaked in the part-combine-iterator object, while the
chord-threshold value is contained in the determine-split-list
definition of part-combine.scm.  It's a lot to wrap one's head around,
and I'm not there yet.

I'll continue grappling with this zillion-ton gorilla until I get it,
but in the mean time, I'll not impose my patches on folks as my
ignorance forces me to hard code changes to behavior that others may now
rely upon.

Hint, hint:  if there's ever a lilypond developer's confab, I'd love to
boondoggle a long weekend in Europe to get myself jumpstart


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