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Help! \mark, and lesson in Scheme

From: Anthony W. Youngman
Subject: Help! \mark, and lesson in Scheme
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 00:10:36 +0000
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I'm trying to "fix" \mark, so it works for me. Unfortunately, not knowing my way round Scheme, I've fixed it but in a way that might crash, and which will be wiped out by an upgrade.

Basically, I've increased the vector size (I guess that's what I'd call an array?). It seems to be necessary, but I don't understand why. Do vectors start at 0? I've also tried to increase the check on i, but I've realised that's probably a mistake! But *might* that cause a crash when we get to Z?

And I've commented out the line that increments i if it's the equivalent of "I" or bigger. The result is I'm now getting the letter I as a rehearsal mark.

============== (original from 2.4.2 define-markup-commands ll 629-

;(define number->mark-letter-vector (make-vector 25 #\A))
(define number->mark-letter-vector (make-vector 26 #\A))

(do ((i 0 (1+ i))
     (j 0 (1+ j)))
; swapping these two gets it to work ...
    ((>= i 26))
;    ((>= i 27))
;  (if (= i (- (char->integer #\I) (char->integer #\A)))
;      (set! i (1+ i)))
  (vector-set! number->mark-letter-vector j
               (integer->char (+ i (char->integer #\A)))))


All I now need do is make it permanent. I want to create a "format-mark-alphabet" markFormatter. It seems so obvious - look in translation-functions.scm, and go from there. Except it seems I need to modify a copy of make-markletter-markup, and I can't find it to modify! (And I want to create a "format-mark-barnumber" markFormatter too.)

Both these formatters are needed for Band (both Brass and Wind) music. Since I noticed (and moaned about) format-mark-letter omitting the letter I a few months ago, I've been looking for examples. And I have yet to find ONE. Of the thirty or so pieces I've played since then, if they had an H, it was followed either by an I or the end of the piece. And while I haven't looked especially, I think the use of bar numbers outnumbers the use of numbers as a rehearsal mark. So that's why the other one's necessary.

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