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Lilypond 2.5.11 uploaded to Mandrakelinux

From: Abel Cheung
Subject: Lilypond 2.5.11 uploaded to Mandrakelinux
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2005 20:27:18 +0800


I just finished uploading it to Mandrakelinux repository, which means it
should be available (as a contribute package) in 10.2 version. A lot of
people helped during making the packages.

However some problem exists during packaging:

1. lilypond can't bootstrap -- it tries to search for .scm files in
   system location. This problem has been reported by others before
   but not patched in 2.5.11 yet. Patch is attached (again) with this mail.

2. And a more serious problem -- will lilypond support using DESTDIR for
   staged installation (i.e. install in another root dir)? This is very
   common for packaging, say:

        make install DESTDIR=/another/location

   However, seems DESTDIR is only supported when installing info and
   manpages. What's the direction here? Is complete support desired, or
   just eliminate the incomplete support altogether?


Abel Cheung
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