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Stopped note heads.

From: Giancarlo Niccolai
Subject: Stopped note heads.
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 13:36:24 +0100
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Lilypond has an easy way to put the "stopped" articulation above the note; 
however, this is actually used in orchestral music. Guitar music (both 
electric and classical music, i.e. from late'800 up to date) marks the 
"stopped" note with an X note head (identical to the rythm staff X note head, 
I think that's used for hi-hat but not sure).

There is also another "stopped" (the palm stop), but that is usually indicated 
with a sign similar to the 8va bracket, generally below instead of above the 

Now, I suppose that it is possible to change the note head engraver so that it 
prints the rythmic (X) instead of the default note head. However, there isn't 
any example or tweak in the manual. One would be highly appreciated by 
Also, it would be *quite* useful to have it working as the \harmonic command, 
but if not possible, be it at least specified how to do that in an easy place 
to look up...

P.s. how the internationalized chords name are going? I suggested a patch, 
that was rejected, and nothing more seems to be happened.


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