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Re: Lilypond-snapshot, was: problem with font of dynamics

From: Paul Scott
Subject: Re: Lilypond-snapshot, was: problem with font of dynamics
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 14:31:06 -0700
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Pedro Kröger wrote:

Paul Scott <address@hidden> writes:
If you're working on the the next lilypond-snapshot would you consider
renaming your current lilypond-snapshot to lilypond or something else
and keeping it available.  Feri's version still segfaults on my sid

I haven't work on it in a while. I'm now catching up with latest changes
and will release it pretty son (I hope!)

Why would you like to have it renamed to "lilypond"?
Not the new (2.5.x?) that you are working on but the 2.4.2 that you have already done.

the ideia of having
a "snapshot" package is that it can be installed concurrently with a
stable lilypond version (e.g. 2.4)
Agreed. lily-pond-snapshot would be the latest experimental/development version (2.5.x) and lilypond would the one (2.4.2) that you now call lilypond-snapshot. Each time a snapshot version becomes somewhat stable you could rename it lilypond and work on the newer version as lilypond-snapshot. From Debian I can only get 2.2.6. I have been using your 2.4.2 for all my work for several months and don't want to go back to 2.2.6 if something in lilypond-snapshot is broken.



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