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Re: LSR issues [Manual authors please read]

From: Sebastiano Vigna
Subject: Re: LSR issues [Manual authors please read]
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 02:18:31 +0100

On Mon, 2005-02-21 at 00:20, Han-Wen Nienhuys wrote:
> address@hidden writes:
> BTW, maybe you can do a small write-up for the
> frontpage. Just write a few lines, explaining what the LSR is, and
> exhorting people to go there and add some snippets.

I'm not very good at that, but this is a try:

LSR (Lilypond Snippet Repository) is a place where people can contribute
there creative ideas for using Lilypond. Please join the LSR project,
and contribute your own snippets, or snippets from the manual that are
still missing!



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