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Feature request (?): Horizontal spacing

From: Erik Sandberg
Subject: Feature request (?): Horizontal spacing
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 21:52:50 +0100
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When writing a multiple movement piece, using a \book of \scores, it happens 
that you want to control page breaking quite massively to avoid bad page 

One problem occurs when a movement is just a little bit too big for one page, 
and I want it to fill out two pages.

The current behaviour, is to typeset the music in a minimal number of staves, 
and then space out those staves evenly on the two pages. IMHO, it would often 
look nicer to spread out the music over a larger number of staves in these 

The following is an extreme example of this:

\book {
\score {
\relative {\repeat unfold 46 c32 \bar ":"  \repeat unfold 51 d32 \bar ":" 
\pageBreak c4

This is indeed a very unrealistic example, but shows the principle. The score 
uses 2 staves for the first page, but it would IMHO look a lot nicer if it 
would use 3.

This is of course achievable by adding \breaks manually, but my suggestion is 
to add a property for a threshold value that somehow controls an upper bound 
of how tightly spaced a staff can be. This could e.g. be the minimum 
horizontal distance between notes, but I guess there could exist more logical 
variables as well.

I can't recall anyone saying anything about this feature, and I can't find it 
in the manual, so I suppose it doesn't exist. If it does, perhaps it should 
be mentioned in the docs, under global layout?


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