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Re: easier LilyPond tutorial?

From: Joshua KooOOoOOo
Subject: Re: easier LilyPond tutorial?
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2005 00:36:08 +0800


>Some proof of concept is ready.
>I think there could be also a configuration wizard (to set PDF viewer 
>and bash's path), if something is not found in the path.

I think (step-by-step) configuration wizard is a good idea too!

Maybe the user can click on a link on the tutorial mode to start the wizard or 
it may launch automatically.

For now there some shortcuts to LilyTool Plugin options and 
GlobalOptions-shortcuts or context menu. 

I also think its a good way to configure lots of options in the start, eg. 
Do you want the recommended docking settings? Yes, and they (eg NoteVisualiser, 
keyboard) are docked.
Do you want want the default quicklily shortcuts? Yes, and the shortcuts are 
Do you like the compile fragment context menu? Checked and it added.
Or, would you like all recommended settings? Yes, and tata, the "ideal" 
settings is configure without breaking the rules of jEdit (or, is this bending 

>- Compile fragment creates a new temporary file all the time. It could 
>be made to create the same file per fragment. However, killing Acrobat 
>is not easy.
If it is really nessary to kill Acrobat, Runtime.getRuntime().exec() could be 
use to run Acrobat in a thread then kill/stop the thread 

Or another way to prevent running lilypond again on a same fragment is creating 
a hash or Message Digest in the file name.


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