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Re: Is Anthony Fok <address@hidden> MIA?

From: Pedro Kröger
Subject: Re: Is Anthony Fok <address@hidden> MIA?
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 10:57:07 -0300
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Laura Conrad <address@hidden> writes:

> I agree.  The current state where lilypond-snapshot is actually a
> stable version should change, but being able to install both a stable
> and an unstable version is really useful.

I think that it would probably be nicier if each stable version could be
installed independently of each other (you know, like lily2.2 lily2.4,
and so on). This would help users who have (big or complex) music
typeset in a previous version of lilypond and don't have the time to
convert it to the newest version.

>     JN> Uhuh, tetex will still be an option.

not in my package! :-)
just kidding. what I meant was that will be easier because tetex is an
option, not a requirement. 

> And some of us probably wouldn't test much if we couldn't use
> lilypond-book.  I assume tetex will still be required for
> lilypond-book?

nope. lilypond-book now generates eps files using the eps backend.
well, of course one needs latex to render the tex file generated by
lilypond-book, but the file can be generated without latex.



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