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Re: Runtime errors on OpenBSD

From: David Jedlinsky
Subject: Re: Runtime errors on OpenBSD
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 22:58:53 -0501 (EST)

Thanks for the hints, Mats.  I am indeed using teTeX 3.0, and didn't
apply the GNUmakefile patch mentioned a while back.  So the was incorrect (incidentally, "kpsewhich ecb12.pfa"
still works in this situation).  Once I fixed that, the fonts were no
longer jaggy.

I now have lilypond 2.4.5 working completely.  2.5.15 is still not
working, though, if I use lyrics at all.

>For your other problems, I really recommend to upgrade to a recent
>OS version and use my or Matt's ports, if you don't have too much
>private ports/nonstandard software on your system. 3.7-beta runs
>fine for me, but backporting our ports to 3.6 shouldn't be too
>difficult. I just won't do this because I don't have any 3.6 installed
>here (and my server will be upgraded soon).

It's not that simple to upgrade.  My machine is a colo server, located
in a different state from me.  It's much easier to shave yaks (load
and build 54 packages) than it is to get physical access to the
machine in order to change the OS.  Someday, I'll do it, but I'd like
to use lilypond in the meantime.

-Dave Jedlinsky

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