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hairpin cresc. and decresc. do not line up.

From: Stephen
Subject: hairpin cresc. and decresc. do not line up.
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 10:55:15 -0600

In the Beethoven Horn Sonata Op. 17 Rondo., horn part arranged for trumpet, I am having trouble with the dynamics overwiting each other and not lining up with each other. In the example below, my main concern is that the hairpin decrescendo under the stacatto e eighths does not line up with the crescendo hairpin preceeding it under the g-sharp eighth:

\version "2.4.3"

\paper {
 #(set-paper-size "a5")
 linewidth = 60\staffspace
 indent = 0\mm

\transpose c c'{
#(set-accidental-style 'modern-cautionary)
\partial 2
\clef treble
\key c \major
\time 2/2
\set Staff.midiInstrument = "trumpet"
\set Score.skipBars = ##t

g'4-\markup { \dynamic "mf" \italic \bold \bigger "espress." } g' \noBreak \mark 6 g'2 f'8( e' d' cis') |
\set Score.currentBarNumber = #79
\acciaccatura e'8 d'( cis' d' e') f'4-.(\< f'-.)\! | f'4.->(\> e'8) d'( c' b a)\! |
{ \stemNeutral gis( e') e'-. e'-. e'-. e'-. e'-. e'-. | }
{ s8\< s s s\! s\> s s s\! }
e'2\< d'8( c' b a)\! | f'2.\sf \dim d'4( |
e') e'-.( e'-. e'-.) | \enddim a r r2 |


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