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Re: Figured bass and leading note

From: Stephen
Subject: Re: Figured bass and leading note
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 08:51:15 -0600

I think a reference to actual music, far from being off topic, provides a welcome context for lilypond and its purpose. The lilypond documentation starts with the fact that its developers are musicians and there are some examples of complete scores. What pieces or perhaps just the composer, are you working on that uses figured bass?

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Subject: Re: Figured bass and leading note

The current support for figured bass is fairly primitive.
However, one feature that's not described in the manual is
that you can also include any text strings by enclosing them
in double quotes, for example
<"+" 7>
Unfortunately, I don't see any good support for the +6, since
if you use "+6", then the "6" will be typeset in a completely
different font than the rest of the figures.

Two alternatives to typeset figured bass without using the
FiguredBass context is
1. Use text scripts on each note. Example
 c_5 d_7_"+" e_\markup{"+" \number 6}_3

2. Typeset the bass figures as a line of lyrics.
  In contrast to the builtin figured bass support, you can
  add any \markup{...} in a line of lyrics, which means that
  you have fairly full freedom to typeset whatever you want.

A disadvantage of the 1. is that the figures will not be
vertically aligned.

I don't often work with the source code of LilyPond, but
here it turned out to be very easy to add the possibility
to use \markup{...} also in figured bass, so I have included
this change so it will appear in the next 2.5.xx version and
in the coming stable 2.6 version.


Julien Salort wrote:

I'd like to use a "+" sign for some figured bass. How can I do that ?

For exemple :

5   7     +6
    +      3

The "+" sign means that the leading note is in the chord.

I've tried <3 +6> but this adds to sharp next to the "3" figure.

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