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Re: [Laura Conrad] Lilypond-book problem

From: Herman Grootaers
Subject: Re: [Laura Conrad] Lilypond-book problem
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 08:54:21 +0200
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On Saturday 11 June 2005 01:45, Laura Conrad wrote:
> I reported this problem on June 3.  It still exists on 2.5.30.
> ----------------------------------------------------
> I got my lilypond-book problem down to a reasonable test file not
> using wierd packages.  There are two systems, and they're being placed
> side by side rather than one above the other.


I think this is a bug in 2.5.29 and later. I guess it is because Lilypond 
breaks a system when it thinks the linesize in the default staff-size is 
reached. It also seems to break a system when an alternative ending is 
started or reached, or when an explixit bar (\bar "|" ...) is reached.

I have streamed all my sources, just to check this. I am running lilypond 
2.5.29 on mandriva 2005LE on staff-size equal to 14 - this to reduce the 
amount of paper it generates - and my lilypond-book-file having no parameters 
for lilypond, all it has is the graphicx-package to get it running correctly.

Note to the developers and documenters: Will you please update the section on 
lilypond-book because I think it is not completely up to date and/or correct. 
I get a ps-file when I do:

##### :$ lilypond-book --format=latex --output=output --psfonts=psfonts 
liturgie.tex &>liturgie.log
##### :$ cd output
##### :$ latex liturgie.tex >>../liturgie.log 2>&1
##### :$ dvips -o -h liturgie.psfonts liturgie >>../liturgie.log 2>&1

BTW, dvips yells that the fonts needed are not included into the 
ps-fonts-file, allthough output is correct.

Herman Grootaers

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