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Re: Several problems with 2.5.27 version on Windows ME

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: Several problems with 2.5.27 version on Windows ME
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 15:04:19 +0200
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Brynne and Russ Jorgensen writes:

> I figured out a way to have a single executable contain both the
> unicode and ascii versions of lilypad and it chooses at run time which
> one is appropriate.

That sounds great.

> Thought you might like it better than having two executables and
> trying to make sure the right one gets installed.
> Conceptually, I compile the source once for -DUNICODE and
> once for -UUNICODE, link it all together, and WinMain() chooses which
> to use. Sounds simpler than it really was - I ended up putting all of
> lilypad into a C++ class so that I could solve the name clash problem
> by using a different class name when compiling -DUNICODE and
> -UUNICODE.  But, it does work, and I think it turned out to be
> relatively elegant.

Thanks.  I'd very much like to see the code.  However, it might be a
better idea to keep the two lilypad versions, and have a separate
frontend program make the decision which one to run.

This modification seems to be so large that it would mean a fork from
Wine's notepad, on which lilypad is based, and I wonder if that is
a smart thing to do right now?

> I also fixed the problem with parsing the command line so now
> right-click "Edit source..." on a .ly file works.

Thanks; I already should have fixed this in lilypad-0.0.6; do you have
this as a separate patch?


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