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Re: [Laura Conrad] Lilypond-book problem

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: [Laura Conrad] Lilypond-book problem
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 14:23:25 +0200
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Herman Grootaers wrote:
The trouble is that Latex, in my point of view, has a definition of the papersize that is not-compatible with the output of lilypond-book. It tries to use its own standards for margins on each paperformat it knows, not knowing that lilypond, and thus lilypond-book, has its margins set by the user.

There's probably a misunderstanding here. The default in lilypond-book
is to find out the line width used in the LaTeX document and then tell
LilyPond to use the same line width. This means that there are no
compatibility problems as long as you don't manually specify the line
width (or paper size) also in the lilypond code. In my opinion, this
makes perfectly sense at least as long as you think of the LaTeX
document as the main document with embedded music, not as the LaTeX
document as a wrapper around an already typeset score.

By the way, lilypond-book uses a trick to determine the line width
that will work no matter what LaTeX command or package is used (as
long as the paper layout is determined in the document preamble).

What Latex tries to do is typesetting the systems it gets from lilypond-book and the text in the lilypond-book-file, sees that there is space available on a line and tries to place another system on the same line, failing to do so because the second system is to large.

Therefore the hack of Mats is a good one. The final solution should be either skipping Latex as a page-formatter, thus creating directly a ps-file from the output of lilypond-book, or a valid lilypond-environment for Latex, which is prefferably the better solution, because it may enable you to print the output doublesided, without having to fuss with all kind of settings.

I don't really understand what you mean. The whole idea of lilypond-book
is to create a valid lilypond-environment for LaTeX. lilypond-book will
not in any way affect how the LaTeX is typeset, so I don't see what
extra settings you would need, for example to get double sided output,
compared to any other LaTeX document.


In the mean-time I edit the *systems.tex-files so that they insert a newline-command after each system. I think that lilypond-book should generate the file pre-, post-, and betweenLilyPond* in such a way that pre* and post* contain "\relax" and between* "\newline", as a work-around, so we can have at least one-sided pages of lilypond-book output, which is great for conductors who need the total score, but for the performers who need only one part a two-sided score is easier to handle.


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