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Fwd: defaul layout changes

From: Erik Sandberg
Subject: Fwd: defaul layout changes
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 23:37:21 +0200
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Thanks for the mail, I forwarded it to lilypond-devel (I'm just a bug administrator officially, Han-Wen & Jan are the folks who accept patches; hence mails like this one should go to the list)

---------- Forwarded Message ----------

Subject: defaul layout changes

Date: Monday 20 June 2005 14.03

From: VSD <address@hidden>

To: "address@hidden" <address@hidden>

Hi again,

I've modified the file "" so it (hopefully) fixes the

following small bugs I previously reported to the bug mailing list:

- printfirstpagenumber didn't worked (this one is specially relevant).

Added a "check-print-first-page-number" scheme function wich is called

from the oddHeaderMarkup definition to print the page number, which prints

the 1st page number or not according to the value of printfirstpagenumber.

- "meter" property didn't show in the header.

Added the code to show it by default.

- wrong baseline-skip setting for the column with all the header

properties, it had no effect.

Moved the 2nd baseline-skip setting in bookTitleMarkup outside the

\column block so it now has effect in the spacing of the title items.

I've put the modified file online:

Perhaps the lilypond team may find useful to replace the existing with

this one in future lilypond releases, as it generates the titles and

headers more according to the manual (Although these are minor issues for

the experienced user, they might confuse the newcomers).

I also attach a test file (the same used in the manual in the "creating

titles" section, but with printfirstpagenumber = ##t):

and the resulting output files:

I'm trying to be useful, but as I'm new to lilypond, if I'm not writing to

the appropiate person, or this solution is not optimal, or this is not the

proper way to contribute, please let me know.




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