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Re: printpagenumber in 2.5.31

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: printpagenumber in 2.5.31
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 14:01:03 -0700

On 26-Jun-05, at 12:36 PM, VSD wrote:

I didn't know that such property did even exist - it seems that it's not in the documentation (?), just in some changelog.

See this:

printpagenumber doesn't work indeed. I've been hacking with recently, and I've modified it again so it now takes into account the values of printfirstpagenumber *and* printpagenumber to print the page numbers accordingly.

I can post the new patch if the lily meisters agree again.

Yes please!

If yes, before that I would like to know opinions about how printfirstpagenumber should behave:

as it is now, the value of printfirstpagenumber affects to page number "1". If the firstpagenumber property has a different value, the page with that number will be printed no matter what value printfirstpagenumber has. Only page "1" will be printed or not. In my opinion, "printfirstpagenumber" should affect to "page firstpagenumber", not "page 1".

Sounds good.  I can't really imagine why somebody would want to use
printfirstpagenumber _and_ firstpagenumber=##f, but if they do, we shouldn't
print the number on the first page of number.

In fact, this issue affects to the Copyright and Instrument fields. If firstpagenumber is not 1, they don't print correctly. I can easily fix all this.

Please do so.

- Graham

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