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Re: Suggestion for lilypond-win

From: Schneelocke
Subject: Re: Suggestion for lilypond-win
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 18:34:18 +0200

> > here's a small suggestion for something I'd like to see in the windows
> > port of Lilypond: when an editor window is opened (for example, when
> > the user double-clicks on the Lilypond icon on the desktop), then
> > instead of opening Notepad, the editor that's associated with the file
> > type being opened should be used instead.
> I think that is exactly what happens.  The installer associates .ly
> with lilypond-invoke-editor.  Its behaviour can be changed by setting

Maybe I'm missing something then - or maybe we're talking about
different things. :) What I'm really referring to is the file
associations windows allows you to have and that cause a specific
program to be invoked when you double-click on a file icon. I do have
one for .ly files; having to manually set an environment variable
seems counter-intuitive, especially for less technically-inclined
users who want things to "just work". I think Lilypond should just
look up the relevant association and launch the specified program.
> > Most people hate Notepad and install something better. :)
> There is a function called find_editor that tries to find a better
> editor and associate that, but there were all kinds of problems with it.
> Patches appreciated.


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