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Re: printpagenumber in 2.5.31

From: VSD
Subject: Re: printpagenumber in 2.5.31
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 20:52:36 +0200
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Graham, find attached the new patch for "". I'm not very used to the gnu tools, is it usable?

Pity it didn't arrived in time for version 2.6.0...

The changes:

- "printpagenumber" should work again. if ##f, no page number is printed at all. if ##t the page numbers are printed starting from "pagenumber", and the first page ("1" by default or "pagenumber" if set) is printed or not according to the value of "printfirstpagenumber". If there's no more problem I guess this feature should be mentioned in the manual (?)

- Copyright field is only printed in the first page (no matter the value) only.

- Instrument is printed under the subsubtitle in the first page (no matter the value) and in the header in subsequent pages.

- added a slightly greater default separation (3.5 instead of 3.0) between Dedication and Title, to avoid a slight collision when Dedication has "g", "q", etc.

Hope that helps.

If yes, before that I would like to know opinions about how printfirstpagenumber should behave:

as it is now, the value of printfirstpagenumber affects to page number "1". If the firstpagenumber property has a different value, the page with that number will be printed no matter what value printfirstpagenumber has. Only page "1" will be printed or not. In my opinion, "printfirstpagenumber" should affect to "page firstpagenumber", not "page 1".

Sounds good.  I can't really imagine why somebody would want to use
printfirstpagenumber _and_ firstpagenumber=##f, but if they do, we shouldn't
print the number on the first page of number.

Exactly. This particular case doesn't make much sense, but I think it's coherent with the meanings of the implied variables.



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