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Re: building lilypond.exe to test WinME fixes

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: building lilypond.exe to test WinME fixes
Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2005 08:15:39 +0200
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Brynne and Russ Jorgensen writes:

> I did some experimenting with some simple tst.c programs in regards to
> the problem with lilypond.exe not working under WinME unless stdout
> has been redirected to a file.

Great.  Btw, did you see Basil's mail about setting CYGWIN=tty?  Sure,
this only affects when running from the Cygwin promp, but it is

Does lilypond not run at all, is this the latest version only?  Why
didn't we catch this before?  Sacha reports that lilypond works, but
gs does not generate PDFs on Windows ME...

> I'm fairly sure I can code up a simple fix, but I wanted to be able
> to test it, so I've been laboring over getting lilypond to compile
> under cygwin.  I finally have enough of the other packages
> compiled/installed so that ./configure is happy (that was a major
> undertaking!), and I've gotten it to compile quite a ways, but I ran
> into where it's trying to
>> convert -sample 48 -depth 24 lilypond.xpm out/lilypond-48.png

> down in the Documentation/pictures directory, and I don't have
> convert.exe anywhere in my path.  Do you happen to know what package
> that's supposed to be from?  I'll see if I can work around it for now,
> but I thought maybe you could give me some guidance.

convert is from imagemagick.  But it only produces the lilypond icon, you
could copy the icon directly or do without that


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