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compond time signatures in 2.6.0 documentation

From: Stephen
Subject: compond time signatures in 2.6.0 documentation
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 12:34:31 -0500

There is a contradiction between the list of changes in NEWS in the 2.6.0 documentation and the manual. The manual shows the old-style using '\musicglyph #"scripts-stopped"', but the news announces the new "plus sign" added to the number font and demonstrates how to do compound time signatures using it.

The problem is the old '\musicglyph #"scripts-stopped"' doesn't work anymore and '\column' now inserts spaces between the numbers in a column, not what we want for compound time signatures.

Mehmet recently inspired me to transcribe the original Universal Edition (1925), of Schoenberg's Opus 25 Keyboard Suite. It forced me to learn tons of new ways of doing things in Lilypond, including compound time signatures, which do not work very well in 2.6.0.

It started with Mehmet asking for a way to put 'Natuarals on all notes'. Unfortunately, putting a natural on the first occurance of each unaltered note in a measure still eludes us. It turns out that '\natuaral' is just a TextScript to be used in conjunction with the '\trill' Script and not an accidental at all. Nicolas' '\forceAlteration' puts a natural or accidental in every note, not just the first occurance of every note within a measure.


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