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Re: lilypond-book problem remains in 2.6.1

From: Nicholas Haggin
Subject: Re: lilypond-book problem remains in 2.6.1
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 21:46:33 -0500
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Graham Percival wrote:
> A single file would be good -- something that contains any TeX preamble
> (that is necessary to reproduce this problem), any lilypond code, etc.

        Will be coming up after I take the CCNA tomorrow.

> Oh, actually this could be a different issue: with \book, the lilypond
> example
> takes up the entire page.  

        That's the issue, then. My initial mail made it sound like I was
getting page breaks after every \score, when in fact I was just
getting a page break after every \book.

> My suggestion is to set
> \paper { vsize = whatever }
> manually inside your lilypond code.  I use 10\in for letterpaper; I
> don't know
> what a good number is for A4.  And if you want to use custom footers, then
> that number would need to be less.

        Aargh. This complicates things because, in some cases, I have a
bunch of verses written out under the music, and then the footer
(which isn't a page footer per se, but rather a "hymn footer."). In
this second case, of course, all the extra verses plus the footer
are on the next page. As you can see, I had been counting on the
music output to stop right below the final staff.
        Hand-hacking, here I come.

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Nicholas Haggin


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