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Re: Bringing LilyPad into LilyPond

From: Ed Baskerville
Subject: Re: Bringing LilyPad into LilyPond
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2005 14:46:01 -0700 has been my work, but I don't mind if someone else steps to continue improveming and developing it. However, I do oppose to Objective-C as development language. We already have too many languages (C++, Python, Scheme and bits of C)- and I see a maintenance problem with adding another one. The wrapper for has been written in Python, which is fortunately pretty simple to learn and use.

That's certainly an understandable position. I don't know Python, but I have been meaning to learn. From an initial glance through the PyObjC documentation, I think it would probably be possible to re- implement LilyPad in Python, but it would take a fair amount of work, and would require writing Python wrappers for a couple of frameworks in addition to writing the application code itself.

Therefore, I think my approach will be this: for the immediate future, I'll maintain and improve LilyPad in Objective-C as a separate project. Over time, I may learn Python and see what features can be added to

The easiest would be to check out the installers/macos/ module from savannah CVS. In the LilyPad subdirectory, you'll find a pyobjc application, which you can build with

  python setup

set LILYPOND_DEBUG_APPDIR=/Applications/ , and you will be able to run dist/

Great, I'll check this out.


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