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Settings for bagpipe music

From: Sven Axelsson
Subject: Settings for bagpipe music
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2005 09:15:45 +0200

I've been using Lilypond to write music for the Scottish highland bagpipe for
a while now, and have made a fairly complete package to handle the complex
grace notes used. I suggest this should be included in the official
distribution to save everyone from the hassle of doing it themselves.

I've attached the settings file together with an example of the notation
available. In case attachments are stripped, the same file can also be
downloaded here:

Bagpipe music is a bit special since it is written without a key signature
even though it actually has a signature (D major). The way I deal with this by
removing the Key_engraver and Accidential_engraver might not be optimal since
there are instances (though very rare) where you do like to show accidentials
on certain notes. I provide a \flatten markup for those cases, but maybe there
is a better way?
Sven Axelsson

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