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Re: moderation policy

From: Jean-Charles
Subject: Re: moderation policy
Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2005 19:45:39 +0100
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Mats Bengtsson wrote:
>One questions is if you still should have the links with
>mailto:address@hidden if you click on
>"address@hidden" at
>What happens when you post using gmane, is your own email
>address still shown in the From: field? If so, then we should keep
>the policy of always pressing Reply To on all emails on the list
>to be sure to reach people who are not subscribed, otherwise we
>might want to rethink that too.
>  /Mats
>>Han-Wen Nienhuys wrote:
>> together with Jan and DRL (the list head honcho) we have decided >>that unsubscribed list posters should start using gmane ( to >>post messages, since we don't have to moderate those messages. I've >>changed this in a number of places. Can you send bug reports when you >>find a place (website, source code, etc.) that still suggests to use >>the mailing list addresses?
>>Also, the French translation of contact.ihtml should be updated.

Just a few remarks:

1- I copied and pasted Mats reply because clicking the reply button on all mailing lists gives: ERR302 Found in

2- As I told Gauvain after proofreading of the translation, the mentioned address at the bottom of the webdocs should be modified and reach the "new postman" (as a matter of fact, there is only a dead link).

3- How to handle people like me, who have suscribed and activated the option not to get every post on the lists (even if for a while) but would like to reply to when they have the trick?

4- I will have a look on how to offer a better presentation of about/contact over the week end and let you know.


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