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Note direction under curves in one-part music

From: Basil Crow
Subject: Note direction under curves in one-part music
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 11:23:43 -0500
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Hi all,

If I put a slur on a D and E, the slur will go beneath the notes and look nice. If I put it on an A and B, the B will have the stem down in one-part music, and the slur will be awkwardly placed between a stem-up and stem-down note. But if the B is flipped so that its stem faces up, the slur can go beneath the two notes just like with the D and E.

As far as I know it is a standard typesetting convention to examine slurred phrases (well, not just slurred phrases, but for this example), and if their notes have mixed stem directions, to change them to have the same stem direction (leaving the majority intact and forcing the rest to conform).

Han-Wen has mentioned to me privately that this could be done as a sponsored feature for 130 euro (incl VAT and/or transfer fees). Is anyone else interested in this feature who would be willing to sponsor it with me?


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