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New to LilyPond. Customizing Lilypond Graphics.

From: Anthony Bargnesi
Subject: New to LilyPond. Customizing Lilypond Graphics.
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2005 02:13:57 -0500

Hello Lilypond developers,

This is the first I am hearing of lilypond.  Recently it was mentioned in linux journal and I was curious if this could be used for a project I want to do.  I want to create an application to produce scores for turntablists based on the Turntablist Transcription Method.  This would require all new graphics for the different types of turntable scratches and mixing techniques.  Since I am new to the development of lilypond could someone point me to resources or state how I can go about adding code for new graphics?  Also a few questions that might be off-topic but while I should ask them now before I dive into some proof of concept code:

1.  Since lilypond is released under the GPL would it be ok to create a new build of lilypond that included my custom graphics?  The application I was planning on making would be open source.

2.  How can lilypond .ly files be rendered in a GUI.  Is there any tools that build in a .ly viewer and not render to postscript?  Since my efforts are for a interactive application I would need to render the lilypond file as I go and potentially modify it.

Thanks for your help and I am looking forward to working
with lilypond.

Anthony Bargnesi
F/OSS Developer for Den 4

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