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Re: make install fails with Lily 2.7.x

From: Cameron Horsburgh
Subject: Re: make install fails with Lily 2.7.x
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2005 21:19:49 +1100
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Cameron Horsburgh wrote:
> Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:
> Thanks for the prompt reply.
>>Cameron Horsburgh writes:
>>>>>install-info --remove --info-dir=/usr/local/info ./out/
>>>>>install-info(./out/ failed to lock dir for editing! File
>>>>>try deleting /usr/local/info/dir.lock ?
>>>>Did you try?
>>>Yes, I did. The result is exactly the same.
>>>Do you have any idea where I should start looking?
>>I would investigate why install-info does not work for you, try running
>>the install-info commands manually.
> I've got absolutely no idea about any of this, but you've given me a
> place to start looking. Thanks!
>>>An alternative which would keep me happy for now is to build LilyPond
>>>without the documentation. Is there a not-too-involved way to do this?
>>You could try commenting-out the install-info commands.
> I grepped around a bit and my problem rears its during the processing of
> lilypond-2.7.17/Documentation/user/GNUmakefile
> As you suggested I commented out the install-info commands and
> everything built properly.
> Thanks for your help!
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> address@hidden

I've finally fixed this problem, so I thought I'd post back for the sake
of the archives.

I've been a little frustrated by the lack of a 2.7 series deb, so in the
true Free Software tradition I decided to make one myself! I know little
about these things, so I downloaded the RPM (2.7.12) from the website,
converted it to deb with alien, and installed it.

When 2.7.13 came out, I did the same thing. It didn't install--I now
know that the removal scripts weren't right for my setup, and 2.7.12
wouldn't uninstall. I tried again with 2.7.14, and then gave up.

My research suggested that a package could use the removal scripts of a
new package if it didn't have one itself. The thing to do, then, I
figured, was to build a native Debian package and install that.
Hopefully the removal scripts would be a little more useful.

Of course, that was a little naive, but it nearly worked. However, it
seems what little removal had occurred for the original 2.7.12 choked at
the removal of the info files.

So that explains why the install-info script failed.

I fixed everything by deleting a few lines in the prerm and preinst
scripts, then running apt-get remove again. That worked beautifully...
and so does make install!

Again, thanks for your help! I've learnt a lot about packaging and the
structure of the Lilypond source tree, so the effort certainly hasn't
been wasted.

Cameron Horsburgh
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