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Gauvain Pocentek's LilyPond packages

From: Basil Crow
Subject: Gauvain Pocentek's LilyPond packages
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 01:59:46 -0500
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I recently found Gauvin Pocentek's packages for Ubuntu Breezy at and have been using them
for a few days now. The packages are at version 2.6.5, and as far as I
know this is the easiest way to get the latest version of LilyPond on
Ubuntu. Is there any reason that his page isn't linked to from the
LilyPond download page (not many people use Dapper at the moment, and
the LilyPond in Breezy's universe is at 2.6.3, as is the one in Debian
unstable) -- or else, maybe the 2.6.3 -> 2.6.5 modifications he made
could just be merged into the Debian unstable package and the Ubuntu
universe package.

Either way, another thing about Gauvin's packages is that if you extract
the latest LilyPond 2.7.23, copy the "debian" folder from Gauvin's
source package, run "dch -v 2.7.23", and then run dpkg-buildpackage, you
can build 2.7.23 .deb files. I just built 2.7.23 in the morning this
way -- although I had to comment out the lines for building the web
documentation in debian/rules for it to work :)


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