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Re: Mac OS X and Fink and Pango (oh my)

From: Don Blaheta
Subject: Re: Mac OS X and Fink and Pango (oh my)
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 16:09:50 -0600
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Quoth Johannes Schindelin:
> On Fri, 16 Dec 2005, Don Blaheta wrote:
> > I tried adding ":/sw/lib/pango-ft219/lib/" to the end of my
> > PKG_CONFIG_PATH, but this was not sufficient... does anyone know how I
> > can I make configure find my pango installation?
> The problem is the pkgconfig file. If it references the old version, you 
> can do what I did: Hand edit it.
> It should be in /sw/lib/pkgconfig/pango.pc in your case.

There was no such file, but I rooted around and found a file of that
name under /sw/src in a fink build directory; no amount of persuasion
could get fink to auto-install these .pc files, but a manual `sudo make
install` in the fink build directory seems to have put them in place.  I
don't know if this was an isolated blip in my install, or a general fink
problem, or what, but in case anyone else has the same problem, the
relevant build directory was


Lilypond is now happily compiling.  Thanks for your help!

-=-Don address@hidden<>-=-
I haven't lost my mind, its backed up on tape somewhere! --Peter da Silva

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