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Re: Guile, Mac OS X

From: Don Blaheta
Subject: Re: Guile, Mac OS X
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 05:23:03 -0600
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Quoth Jan Nieuwenhuizen:
> Don Blaheta writes:
> > It seems I spoke a little early.  Although the posted incantation
> > satisfies configure that guile is present, it still doesn't seem to be
> > configuring correctly.  Here is the relevant section of the configure
> > output:
> This only shows that libguile and guile-config, and libguile.h are found.
> The relevant section would be
>     checking for guile... /home/janneke/usr/pkg/guile/bin/guile

Ah, missed that.  It says:

checking for guile... guile-1.6
checking for guile... no

> Is guile in your path?

guile-1.6 is (as /sw/bin/guile-1.6).  Is there some way to specify that
to configure, or should I just symlink it?  It looks like configure is
already finding it, though, and yet it still is subbing blanks for

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