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Extending \lilypondfile to support separate handling of header fields fo

From: Michael Haynie
Subject: Extending \lilypondfile to support separate handling of header fields for use by LaTeX
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 16:45:01 -0500

I had a good look at the proposed alternative mechanism as described in lilypondmacros. It mostly worked, but left me with a fair amount of hand editing that would have to be revisited each time I rearranged the songs in the book -- a *frequent* occurrence when I'm laying out a book for final printing. I studied what you did, and I've developed an alternative suggestion, in several parts:

* lilypondSystemMacros.tex contains implementations of some useful TeX macros. They can be used without modification -- they only need to be included in the document at some point -- preferably in the preamble. It will be best to provide this file in the distribution to be included, as opposed to generated in the source directory each time. There is a fair amount of commentary on what the various parts are doing. I didn't include every facility in the original, since I wasn't completely certain what it's all for. I'm probably missing something -- maybe a verbatim facility? Error handling isn't especially complete either. We can refine that later. There may be some stupid programmer tricks in the LaTeX macros -- stay alert.

* example.tex contains an example of use, including several alternatives. It is the generated file instead of the source file, but you get the idea.

The generated code should look like this:

The author writes this:
which becomes this:

Lilypondbook would continue to produce eps files like lily-2098660014-1.eps, etc, as it does now.

I also think there should be a -H all argument to extract all defined header fields.

I'm satisfied that these macros and transformations will allow the construction of a song book without any editing of intermediate files.

I'd hack the lilypondmacro program, but I have not yet learned python, and wanted to share the above thoughts first.

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