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A few questions

From: Elie Roux
Subject: A few questions
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2005 18:15:18 +0000 (UTC)
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First I must say I'm impressed by your work, the result is almost perfect, and
the fact that it is under GPL makes it better.

I'm a student of ENST Bretagne (an ingeneer school) in France (that's why my
english is quite bad), and i have a project of 6 months consisting in building a
standard for gregorian chant notation. I think i'm going to do it in xml,
because it can be a real standard. The gregorian chant notation is incompatible
with MusicXML, so we buid something new, which will be under GPL (not like

But the problem is that, like you say in your site, xml cannot be written by
hand, so we must think of another way of writing. We must also think of a way
of printing it. I have thought that it could be possible to make something 
that looks like lilypond, or an extention of it. I'm writing this email to ask
you if you have a precise idea of how to do it, and if you're interested in

I'm also doing to make a conversion in MusiXTeX, because it should be simple
(as all signs are aleady made in metafont), but MusiXTeX is not as simple as
lilypond to write...

If you don't know the gregorian chant notation, this site is quite well-made : .

Thank you by advance,
Elie Roux

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