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An IRC chat channel for Lilypond

From: Simon Plante
Subject: An IRC chat channel for Lilypond
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006 01:37:29 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi everyone!

A few months ago, I went on Freenode, just wondering if I could find a channel
on Lilypond. There were no channel, so I decided to create it. I posted it on
the user lists, both French and English. 

Someday, a chatter told me "You MUST told Han Wen about this channel". I keptthe
idea. I talked with John Mandereau (musicovore, whom I collaborated with for
a wiki project that I think he'll talk about here soon), and he told me 
"Don't limit to Han Wen! Talk to the whole team of devs!" (well, he told it not
exactly as this, and in French, but that's not important :)). That's why I send
this to you.

The channel growd, now it has around 15 chatters every day. But now, 
the important guys will know about it :) That'll maybe help those that come on
the channel for some wired questions that we generally don't understand :).
People that come here are mainly musicians, that use lilypond. We of course talk
about Lilypond, but we often talk about music in general, and sometimes we talk
about anything else.

Well, if you want to come (even if you don't want, mwahaha), use your habitual
IRC client (irssi, Xchat, BithiX, even mIRC'll do the job :P), and go to:

* server:
* port: 6667 (if I remember properly)
* channel: #lilypond

(well, to be short, let's say #lilypond on

Oh, and the channel is billingual. Most speak English, some speak French ;-)

Congratulations for your excellent work


Simon Plante
aKa simonpca

email: address@hidden
jabber: address@hidden


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