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Re: Easy Note Heads and colors

From: Daniel Johnson
Subject: Re: Easy Note Heads and colors
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 15:55:50 -0700 (PDT)
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> Unfortunately I couldn't find any more info about "brew-ez-stencil" --
> even grepping the source didn't turn up anything useful.  (?!)

Try looking at brew_ez_stencil in lily/  The relevant
block is as follows:

  SCM idx = scm_from_int (pit->get_notename ());
  SCM names = me->get_property ("note-names");
  SCM charstr = SCM_EOL;
  if (scm_is_vector (names))
    charstr = scm_vector_ref (names, idx);
      char s[2] = "a";
      s[0] = (pit->get_notename () + 2) % 7 + 'a';
      s[0] = toupper (s[0]);
      charstr = scm_makfrom0str (s);

If you \override NoteHead #note-names with a vector of note names, that
should take care of the problem.  NOTE: I am neither a C++ nor Scheme
programmer, and I haven't tested the above.

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