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Re: Swing Midi

From: Erik Sandberg
Subject: Re: Swing Midi
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 19:54:23 +0200
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On Wednesday 20 September 2006 18:34, David Greene wrote:
> Erik Sandberg wrote:
> > If you want to do something more generic (something you can apply on any
> > existing ly score), then you may want to consider using music streams.
> > Music streams are a new concept in 2.9, and nobody has used them yet
> > AFAIK. However, I can try to guide you if you're interested. (I would
> > guess htat this solution can be coded entirely in Scheme)
> I'm very interested in this.  I don't recall seeing anything about
> it in the manual -- maybe I missed it.  Is there a description
> somewhere?

No, it's too new to be documented. A good start would be to skim through my 
master's thesis, which usually can be found here:
The only existing application of music streams is the function 
recording-group-emulate in scm/part-combiner.scm. I have also written some 
test SCM code which dumps music streams as raw lists, and which also can read 
them back in.

There are plans to write a datastructure for analysis/manipulation of music 
streams (this is part of the planned rewrite of the partcombiner). Your 
application is definitely interesting, because it shows some new operations 
(to move events over time) that this datastructure ideally should support.


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