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Re: Vocal music and beaming

From: Arvid Grøtting
Subject: Re: Vocal music and beaming
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2006 21:56:34 +0000 (UTC)
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Marco Gusy <picander78 <at>> writes:

> -Traditional scores *always* separate each syllable in beaming
> -two syllables *never* are beamed together.
> -beaming is used only on the same syllable

[I'm jumping in *very* late here; please bear with me...]

I think you may have forgotten a rule that applies to most vocal
scores I've seen, traditional (wrt beaming) or not:

A melisma is accompanied by a slur.  Using beams instead of flags
within melismas are an additional cue, but the slur is usually there
too.  (If it isn't in the original, you should probably add it anyway.)

So the autobeamer could take this information from the slurs: If
within a slur, use beams (with default rules or even ignoring default
rules); if outside, use flags.

Of course, this would have to be configurable.  It's probably feasible
to write a scheme function that does this to a piece of music, too.

I'd love to see this; saves typing ([ and ]) when all I really need is
( and ), but most importantly it would make it easier to switch
between traditional and modern beaming behaviour.  You may want to
match an original when proofreading and use the other for the final
product, whatever style you prefer...


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