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Re: doc branching

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: Re: doc branching
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 00:53:29 +0200
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Johannes Schindelin escreveu:

I am tracking the current lilypond repository with git. I could donate this git repository (it is ca. 60MB at the moment).

I prefer git over the other alternatives: it is blazingly fast, *very* portable (I gave up on porting darcs after a fruitless day), and branching/merging is an easy operation.

I have just updated the GUB builder to work with GIT repository for LilyPond, as an experiment.

The goal is that I can work on packaging LilyPond without having to ping-ponging all my changes from my CVS dir via the savannah server to my GUB dir.

Interested parties can get the darcs repo at

however, I seem to have some trouble with importing the CVS repo into Git. My attempt is at

This is an rsync of a git repo that is fed by a cvsimport cron job on my home machine.

Unfortunately, it seems to be missing some files. Did I botch up the import, or is something wrong with git-cvsimport?

$ mkdir y
$ cd y
$ git --git-dir /home/lilydev/vc/lilypond.git/.git/ log --max-count=1 | grep commit
commit 4098351f3fd294eb547b5a044730cfb8a7d5bd7a
$ git --git-dir /home/lilydev/vc/lilypond.git/.git/ read-tree 4098351f3fd294eb547b5a044730cfb8a7d5bd7a
$ ls
$ git --git-dir /home/lilydev/vc/lilypond.git/.git/ checkout-index -a
$ ls flower/include/GNUmakefile
ls: flower/include/GNUmakefile: No such file or directory
$ find -type f | wc -l
$ find ~/vc/gub/downloads/lilypond-HEAD/ -type f | grep -v '\./CVS' | wc -l

the CVS repository is available at


Han-Wen Nienhuys - address@hidden -

LilyPond Software Design
 -- Code for Music Notation

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