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Re: German translation

From: Till Rettig
Subject: Re: German translation
Date: Mon, 01 Jan 2007 15:29:08 +0200
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Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:

What is it exactly that you do not understand?

   git pull <...> web/master
   # edit site/news.ihtml
   git commit -a -m 'Add news entry'
   git format-patch HEAD^
Yes, the point is: after editing some file and commiting is (actually I never used the -a option, what does it do?) I ask with
git status the log and look for the commitish of my changes. But in the last logs there was never a new commitish, the last ones were always one day old. Thats why I didn't know what to use as the "head" in the format-patch-argument.
Or would it be the commitsh I discover with
git-rev-parse HEAD | head -1

that I can put into the git format-patch argument?

On the other hand, John Mandereau wrote that instead of git-add there should be used git-update-index with an file argument.
Then I thought that wouldn't it be somehow more convinient if I would create a patch
only on one specific file without always sending also all diffs from
the whole web/master? I found now some things I would like to update. So I will try to do this with the above mentioned command sequence (including the -a option in the commit ). And the commitish I will take from git-rev-parse. I hope this is now correct.

And then some question about this script. What does it actually do? I just looked at the code and without knowing anything about python there were anyway only definition for dutch language in it. So I guess it wouldn't help my before I add german definitions? And how do I interpret the output?
I mean I am looking for some means of finding out how much the english version has changed in the meanwhile so I can then apply those changes in the translated files.
PS: I got a lot of unresolved messages about all the files I sent in
the patches: they got somehow saved with another name and the new
version came from git with the original name. Is this about the
commitish number or why could they not be merged?

It could not be cleanly applied, it contained diffs that you had
already sent me.

Yes, I found that one file I commited didn't make its way to the webpage yet. This is de/switch/testimonials.html. How do I now commit it again? I guess here I go the way via git-add and then commit it and make the patch? And should I now remove all the files I got with differing names? Is their only difference in the commitsh?
Btw, can you send following messages about web site translation to
lilypond-devel, thanks.

You mean that I shouldn't anymore send to you directly?

A Happy new year!

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