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Re: [Fwd: German translation help file]

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: [Fwd: German translation help file]
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2007 22:56:09 +0100

Till Rettig wrote:
> John Mandereau wrote:
> > Please read the revised README and translate the parts of that
> > brings something interesting in addition to the English README.
> >   
> Well, no I checked it. I don't think there is anything I have in my own 
> version. Just now when I commit I get always the patch about adding this 
> to my own git -- how do I remove this commitish ie. undo the 
> whole thing?

Assuming you have no uncommitted changes, the most simple way is to
"rm" and "git commit -a".

> I liked the idea and structure of the new file. Myself also forgot the 
> mention of git status which is defenitely very important. Seems I have 
> to check the part with the myself -- there is a lot 
> of mistakes about wrong commitish numbers and then it finishes with a 
> mistake (so I think it doesn't do the job till the end). I will see that.

Which mistake is it? Is it related to the "fatal: bad object" issue
described in

> Do I now understand right that when problems emerge the git pull will 
> save files under different names (or insert the problem signs, as you 
> had it) and then you have to change them and make git update-index on 
> the very file (this was in a message to Daniel T C. today). I think this 
> is also an important remark, these kind of difficulties will probably 
> appear to the beginner especially often. At least for me, if I changed I 
> file that was already there and made the commit nothing happened. If I 
> would git add it, then I get the mistake that the file is already added. 
> Only with update-index I had success. But this might also be that my 
> version of git is so old...

See my last message to Daniel Tonda C. about too old Git/Cogito

Anyway, I think I was wrong to tell you to pull with web/master as local
name of the remote branch, whereas you may not already have this name.

> So this update-index was the only thing I find still somehow important, 
> despite Johannes S. thinks it is not a good idea.

It's not a bad idea, it's only more complicated. When resolving
conflicts, I don't know if there are other ways than using update-index.

> I noted you can issue the git command anywhere, and patches will be 
> always put on top.

Good catch.

>  I don't know if this is so important as to mention.

It's difficult to explain everything. Documentation in README is not
meant to be a subsitute for man pages and generally Git official docs.

John Mandereau <address@hidden>

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