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LilyPond suggestions

From: Jesse Engle
Subject: LilyPond suggestions
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2007 15:25:52 -0500

Hi everyone. While I am a decent programmer, I have never been part of a large project such as this, so I would not know where to begin in attempting to add the following features that I've listed.

I am a drummer, and while I love that I can finally use free notation software instead of Finale for many melodic instruments, I've realized that the percussion features of LilyPond are lacking.

1) There is no way that I have yet discovered to notate rhythms for all four limbs, but this doesn't seem to be possible due to the fact that many drum set rhythms use overlapping stems. I have provided an example of this here:

For reference, the bottom lines used are the bass drum and the hi-hat and the top two lines are the cymbal and snare drum. This example was notated by my uncle in MS Paint, in '96!

2) LilyPond does not provide ratio-notation for odd groupings. For instance, if I notate a group five sixteenths in the place of four sixteenths, I like to write "5:4" rather than just "5".

3) LilyPond will not bracket an odd grouping that is within an odd grouping correctly. The only way that LilyPond will notate the rhythm correctly is if the internal odd grouping is bracketed separately from the rest of the grouping. You may see what I mean in the following examples. The first one shows a grouping that looks better, separated by LilyPond, but is not correct.

The second one shows what is intended (the entire grouping bracketed) but exemplifies how LilyPond fouls it up slightly with the "7", which should not overlap at all:

4.) There is no way to create an entire page of exercises (a feature that would be incredibly useful for music teachers such as myself) like this:

I hope that I have shed some light on features or bugs that haven't been thought of or noticed before.

Jesse Engle

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