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Re: adding installation for windows in German

From: Till Rettig
Subject: Re: adding installation for windows in German
Date: Sat, 06 Jan 2007 19:59:24 +0200
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John, this looks now good, there are now two versions of the same file in the German directory, one is calles windows.html and the other cygwin.html. So you can safely discard one of them. I was aware that the windows binary is working, I was just really wondering what is the stuff about this cygwin.

My point of the whole thing was that: I go to the download section from the main page and read the page. There it says: download the version that fits to your system, then continue with "Getting started". Then you go down, download, install your binary, in this case windows. You click to the Getting started link and find: "Windows users are advised to a look at the
  quickstart method for Windows." 

Well, at least hier I would get really confused, because when I click it I get to a page that asks me to download another installer with 66 MB and which will be anstalled like 250 mb. How is this possible, I would think.

So to sum up: I think the text in the getting-started.html is not clear at all, it should be really clear that a user is advised to use the "command line" page testing and only if there comes mistakes she should go to download this cygwin. Or shouldn't this be removed totally from here and put somewhere to experimental section or to the development pages?

It might be nice to put a page for the user, what frontends and editors she can find, and it would be good to link it to the install.html page right on the top. I like the idea about the install/getting-started.html, from there you get addressed to
install/using.html. But here you have only a link to the tutorial, and there should be clearly a link to switch/howto.html first, because this is sofar the only one being translated into German/Spain. Only from there you should continue to the tutorial.


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