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Re: adding installation for windows in German

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: adding installation for windows in German
Date: Sat, 06 Jan 2007 22:14:27 +0100

Le samedi 06 janvier 2007 à 19:59 +0200, Till Rettig a écrit :
> John, this looks now good, there are now two versions of the same file
> in the German directory, one is calles windows.html and the other
> cygwin.html. So you can safely discard one of them. I was aware that
> the windows binary is working, I was just really wondering what is the
> stuff about this cygwin.

I see no file named de/about/automated-engraving/windows.html in current

> My point of the whole thing was that: I go to the download section
> from the main page and read the page. There it says: download the
> version that fits to your system, then continue with "Getting
> started". Then you go down, download, install your binary, in this
> case windows. You click to the Getting started link and find: "Windows
> users are advised to a look at the
>   quickstart method for Windows." 
> Well, at least hier I would get really confused, because when I click
> it I get to a page that asks me to download another installer with 66
> MB and which will be anstalled like 250 mb. How is this possible, I
> would think.
> So to sum up: I think the text in the getting-started.html is not
> clear at all, it should be really clear that a user is advised to use
> the "command line" page testing and only if there comes mistakes she
> should go to download this cygwin. Or shouldn't this be removed
> totally from here and put somewhere to experimental section or to the
> development pages?

LilyPond on Cygwin is not experimental at all; until Lily 2.6, it was
the only way to run LilyPond on Windows. getting-started has not been
updated since then. Looking the very recent update from Han-Wen,
installation instructions no more lives in getting-started, but in the

> Editors:
> It might be nice to put a page for the user, what frontends and
> editors she can find, and it would be good to link it to the
> install.html page right on the top. I like the idea about the
> install/getting-started.html, from there you get addressed to
> install/using.html. But here you have only a link to the tutorial, and
> there should be clearly a link to switch/howto.html first, because
> this is sofar the only one being translated into German/Spain. Only
> from there you should continue to the tutorial.

Agreed. On the other hand, the route designed by Jan & Han-Wen is
clearly Home -> Diving into the LilyPond -> pages in switch/, ending
with howto -> download page -> getting-started. Adding a link doesn't
hurt, though.

John Mandereau <address@hidden>

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