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Re: Fixed bad committish and es.po in spanish web site

From: Daniel Tonda Castillo
Subject: Re: Fixed bad committish and es.po in spanish web site
Date: Sat, 06 Jan 2007 19:48:21 -0600
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John Mandereau escribió:
Daniel Tonda wrote:
I changed the committish ids for files showing a bad committish when doing:

make LANG=es check-translation

Looks good. Your next work on is certainly the translation
update: "make LANG=es check-translation" shows a 1200 lines diff!
¿What do you mean by translation update?

I've also removed the dirty page
So whatever is done to this page is of no consequence from now on?

It might become an untracked file when you pull; in this case, just rm
it. If it's still in your repository after that, rm it and do "commit

Ok, doing the pull.
Before translating the tutorial, LilyPond's es.po should be revised too.
I did some revising of es.po also, are there any special
considerations for es.po?

I was talking about _LilyPond_'s es.po, not _lilypond.org_'s one. You
can check out Git LilyPond sources to get it.

¿Oh, you mean the one from the program?
¿Is that also in git?
I attach the diffs, for the bad committish and es.po.

Thanks, applied.


Nada mas difícil, pero nada mas precioso que el saber decidirse. -- Napoleón Bonaparte. (1769-1821) Emperador francés.

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