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Document add-on suggestion for 13.1.1 Command line options

From: Frédéric Chiasson
Subject: Document add-on suggestion for 13.1.1 Command line options
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 21:56:01 +0000 (UTC)
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I'd like to change a little the page 13.1.1-Command Line Options to make the
syntax clearer for newbies. I didn't understand myself the syntax of these, I
had to give some time to test different options and to leave some messages to
the users' group because of that.

>From the line beginning with -f, --format=format, I'd put :

-f[format], --format=[format]
          which formats should be written. Choices for [format] are svg, ps,
pdf, png, tex, dvi.

          Ex.: lilypond -fpng
                 lilypond --format=png

-b[format], --backend= [format]
          the output format to use for the back-end. Choices for [format] are

          (... the choices for format)

          Ex.: lilypond -bsvg
                 lilypond --backend=svg


I don't know the syntax for the other functions enough to change the help texts
for them, but it would surely help to use this kind-of standard for those. It
would be clearer (and reduce a little the messages sent to the users' group
about this topic!)

Tell me if it helps,


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