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buliding the docs without compiling lilypond: success

From: Graham Percival
Subject: buliding the docs without compiling lilypond: success
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 16:21:11 -0800
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Anybody interested in viewing the docs (or perhaps the translated docs) can build them locally without compiling lilypond from scratch.

From a fresh git checkout, do

./  % ignore any warning messages
cp GNUmakefile
make -C python
nice make LILYPOND_EXTERNAL_BINARY=~/Apps/ web

% change the lilypond directory as appropriate

Note that you must have the most recent unstable version of lilypond to compile git stuff. Also note that this may break sometimes -- for example, if a new feature is added with a test file in input/regression, even the latest unstable Lily will fail to build the docs.

You may build the manual ( Documentation/user/ ) without building all the input/* stuff.

There are two problems with the build, both with work-arounds:
1. texinfo 4.8 has a file allocation leak. Patches to fix this exist, and I'm pretty certain that these patches have been integrated into the texinfo cvs. However, if you're still using texinfo 4.8 (ie you simply install texinfo via "fink install" or "apt-get" or whatever), then run

ulimit -n 4096

before trying to build the user manual.

2. There seems to be a memory leak in lilypond 2.11.11; during the build process, I noticed lilypond using > 230 megs. I stopped the build a few times to let the memory clear out.

- Graham

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