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Re: page-turning using correct page numbers

From: Joe Neeman
Subject: Re: page-turning using correct page numbers
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 07:57:21 +0200

On 1/15/07, Anthony W. Youngman <address@hidden> wrote:
In message <address@hidden>, Joe Neeman
<address@hidden> writes
>This is sort of a bug fix, but I thought I'd post it instead of
>committing because it changes behaviour. In current lily CVS, it's
>assumed that the first page of a book is always the left-hand page. This
>is usually false: odd-numbered pages should go on the right and the
>first page is usually page number 1. This patch fixes that. If the first
>page number is odd, the page turn page-breaker will put its first page
>turn after 1 page instead of after 2.

Very late response I know, but ... (I'm catching up on the email and
haven't read the latest manual :-(

What you say may be true for scores, but is often false for parts. If
the piece being formatted is less than or equal to four pages, then I
couldn't care less so long as the page turn is at a break. If there's a
nice rest in the middle of the piece, I'll print pages 1 and 2 2-up one
side, then turn for the other two. Or if there are convenient breaks
after pages 1 and 3, I'll break "conventionally". Oh - and which one is
preferable depends on conditions - will I be trying to turn a page
that's pegged onto the stand to prevent it blowing away in the wind ...

I hope you've probably already made it choosable, but it needs to be
user-specified whether the page-turn-page-breaker is invoked after odd
or even page numbers. Making the default odd pages sounds right ... is
auto-first-page-number true by default?

Currently auto-first-page-number is false by default, but it will print a warning if it can't find a convenient break after the first page suggesting that you set the first page number to an even number.

I think it should be. (Just
don't alter the page number that actually prints - a part with pages 2-5
2-up on A3 double-sided would look WELL odd :-)

This is why I didn't set it to true by default: it /does/ change the page number that actually prints. This is consistent with all the parts I looked at that start on the left-hand page, but I can see that it would look strange if there are only a few pages.

There was a request a while back about making the places for page turns more flexible. With the solution I have in mind for this, you would be able to say that it should turn only after even pages and the first page should be page 1 (this would give what you want, yes?). I have other things I want to do first, but I should manage it before 2.12.


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