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Re: Spanish web polishing

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: Spanish web polishing
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 00:30:54 +0100

Le samedi 20 janvier 2007 à 12:22 +0100, Francisco Vila a écrit :
> El vie, 19 de ene de 2007, a las 11:22:57 +0100, John Mandereau dijo:
> > Thanks, applied.  Your patch was clean, excepted for es/index.html.  It
> > looks like you haven't pull since you send the last patch to -devel for
> > this page.  Please pull and make a patch again for es/index.html and the
> > committishes (if typos fixed in the English pages don't affect the
> > translation, you still must update the committish to avoid
> > check-translation false warnings).
> Let's see if this is that you're asking for. If not, I promise to read the 
> git docs more carefully...

That's almost right, excepted es/index.html committish: the original one
(in the line beginning with a "-" in the patch) is not the one from
latest  Are you sure your web/master branch (or whatever
your remote branch is called) is a strict clone of web/master  Are you sure you have never committed anything directly
to that remote branch?  And which command did you use exactly to create
the patch?

Besides this, a weird-looking character displayed as a blank square in
Emacs and as
$-3òß in gnome-terminal, just before "<!--
Translation of GIT Committish", in many of your files.

Can you please fix these 2 issues and resend a patch?

Thanks in advance
John Mandereau <address@hidden>

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